Marriages and Receptions are a one life time event you could love to make it big and you can never miss on the decorations of the venue and the stage. The importance of decorations is well not just a status symbol but the warmth and grace that make your guest happy and overwhelming to enjoy their short stay and take home memories of a marriage with unique and creative art work that could make eyes turn all around. Stage being the center of attraction for that special couple to stand on & greet their valued guest, with most of the photo shoot happening on the stage and the decor of the stage needs special attention and glamour for all that fun to be captured in the hearts of the entire guest.

Our teams of art directors are few selected highly professional yet creative team from the film industry to make your marriage a unique and astonishing one. We read your minds and meet your expectation to give our best to make your dream marriage a reality.

We also take all efforts to make sure we are well in your budget and have a promise to never compromise on the quality of out-put for that lavish and appealing decorations of the stage and the venue. We expertise in Indoor & Outdoor decorations, Floral decorations, Theme decorations, Balloon decorations and Customized designs.

Indoor & Outdoor

Indoor or Outdoor, we have years of experience & expertise with variety of choices which suits your interests and assure you a distinctive look to keep everyone astonished with our creative madness.

Floral Decoration

Flowers can change the whole lot of atmosphere and give a natural look & fill the air with its fragrance. Beautifully decorated looking lively the back drop of your stage will stand out and we guarantee you a pleasing experience with our flora decoration.

Theme Decoration

You have something in mind and need to put it on stage, we welcome your ideas and if needed we can help you with a thematic decoration and go beyond boundaries to make it a perfect reception for the guest and the couples to remember for lifetime & unforgettable one.

Balloon Decoration

Air Balloon with bright multi colors can make a huge statement and bring a very decent look, if you need an arch in the entrance or fill your dance floor with colorful balloons to match your theme, use it for Dj stage backdrop and so much to experiment with and make the most out of balloons not so expensive But very attractive.

Customized Designs

Each has a dream about his or her marriage and we very much encourage this and help you make it a reality by understanding your need and give it to reality on the stage by customizing it as per your requirement and wish as this is your Big day and you need to enjoy every moment of it with open heart & when it is as per your desire then happiness is beyond all heights.

Check on our gallery to get the feel of our outstanding art work we have to our credit till date and sure to impress you – You name it and we have it in our list from stage to floral decorations, theme based and personalized decorations, balloon decorations and we keep our-self updated to the current trends to make your event a never before happening one.

Photography & Videography

No marriage is complete with-out a photographer, to capture those wonderful moments of joy and fun, coverage of your traditions and not to forget your special guests. Wedding couples' romantic moments keep you finger crossed, it is not going to happen again and needs to be framed and filmed to sit and cherish those memories with your friend, relatives and kids.

We have a complete team of well trained and professional crazy photographers with creative madness to make your pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots in the most amazing frames you will love to sit and enjoy seeing.

We believe to be technically upgraded to take the best shots and provide you services that is trendy and in fashion. A moment captured in seconds is framed for life time and we have our camera shutters clicking the most happening and lively moments in your marriage function.


Marriage is all about unlimited fun, dance and music, not to forget the delicious food. A very important factor you will never like to compromise on, so you need to choose the right person for your special occasion to have all your guest grace the event with mouthwatering dishes, hygienic and appetizing dishes that could linger in your guest’s minds for months.

We have the best and the world class catering masters to make your special event even more special, chosen, trained and well experienced chefs with years of experience in the industry cater to your need and choice and will never fail to your expectations.

100% vegetarian or 1000% Non-vegetarian we have it all in our kitty, We provide all kinds of cuisine ranging from Indian, Chinese, European, Continental, Italian, and the list never ends so we love to cook what you like to be served on the palate and be assured the we never ever compromise on the quality of ingredient’s used in the cooking process as our goal is to make your even the most happening and memorable one.

We can organize buffet, traditional, in-door and out-door catering services as per your choice and facility at the venue.

Food Stalls

Sure, we need to treat our guests an extra special and we understand it better and extend our services to impress the bunch of small cute bunch of kids with cotton candy, pop corns and much more.

After a tasty dinner you are sure to have some fruits and ice-cream stalls to make your guest fell honored for their gracious presence at the event. More stalls if your desire to add on like South & North Indian Food Stalls, Snacks stalls, Fire Pan Stalls, Milkshakes stalls and Sweet Stalls.


Can you imagine a wedding without music? Quite impossible, we have the best class of music bands to rock the floor, whatever be your demand we stand to full fill and make your wedding very musical and melodious one.

Disc Jockey

We bring you the best Dj’s to rock your dance floor by engaging your guest to full entertainment mode with tracks very selective to your mind and situation. A very sensible & beat matching tracks to fill the atmosphere with melody to jingle all the way.

Getti Melam & Chanda Melam

Subha Muhurtham the very most important auspicious moment of bride & groom entering the new phase of life in the Hindu culture needs the best players, we arrange the best Getti Melam artist in the industry to make the event most lively.

Live Music Band

We bring you a variety of live bands to add life to your event and keep your guest engaged with live concerts with high quality sound and make it more colorful to melt your heart with very good artists to sing your favorite songs.

Traditional Music

Old is gold and following our tradition is very inspiring and interesting to many, we do not leave any chances to meet your requirement and very well understand the importance you have for your tradition and we do not wish to disappoint you at all, we have a huge data base of traditional musician to make your event as per your wish.


Western Dance

We have the best performers on our list to make your guests tap their toes, shake their shoulders, and dance to the beat of the music.

Flash Mob

Add an element of surprise to your guest and sweet heart by creating a unique flash mob dance in your wedding; we can make the event very epic with the best entertainment group to cheer the crowd with their crazy ness & madness.

Bradhanatiyam & Folk Dance

Tradition dancers to folk dancers we have all in our list and can engage them at your convince and interest.

Welcome Dance

The entry of the bridegroom & the bride wearing a smile with beautiful attire is so exciting and the most important part in any wedding and what best then a welcome dance, to make it even more exciting and energetic filled with full entertainment to make it most memorable.


Pallaku, Palki or Doli

Unique and creative ideas to make the bride’s entry in the reception hall, it can be for both bride and bride groom as per your choice, sometime at many places it is also used in sending off functions of the bride.

Luxury & Budget Cars

Receiving your guest and arranging transportation for all your guest we can arrange all types of cars on your demand with a whole fleet of luxury & budget cars in our basket.

Smoke & Cold Fire

Make a stylish entry with our high quality no smoke no smell fireworks to amuse the guest and the couples and make it remarkable entry to the stage.

Flower Shower

Fresh flowers petals to shower on the guest and on the bride & bride groom, a touch of fresh flowers with fragrance to spark the importance of your guest and the special couples.


The big “D” day and you need to look the most gorgeous one in the crowd, you have to capture the attention of all the guest and sure need the best bridal make-up artists with expertise to make you look nothing less than an angel. From top to bottom your hairstyle, your facial makeup, you rich niche looking saree to be worn perfectly you cannot afford to lose anything for chances.

Our beauticians are well trained and well equipped with makeup kit of international standards to give you that perfect look of a bridegroom to make every eyes turn on you.

Groom is not exceptional he needs to keep his standard high to match up with the beauty standing beside him so worry not we have the perfect team to groom you to make you look stunning.

Mehndi has its significance and cultural values attached and very much liked by many, it has its natural medicinal herbal remedies, like cooling the body and relieving the Bride and the Bridegroom of any stress on the big ‘D” day. It is applied to both the hands and the feet as a means of cooling the nerve-endings of the body, preventing the nerves from tensing up, and of course, the color, smell, and beauty of Mehndi cannot be forgotten. We have the best mehndi designers in our palate to choose from for that big fat day event of your life.

Religious Ceremony

Every community has a ritual and weddings are never complete without religious ceremony, any community Hindus, Christians, Punjabis or Muslims you are sure to need a religious head to conduct all the ceremonies in a proper way and have a happy bonding for a life time. We help you with priest, pastors etc. to complete the true meaning of marriage.

Cakes & Gifts

A wedding itself means celebration and how can you not have a cake to mark the celebration? We love to see your stage decorated with the most lavish cake before you creamy and tasty.

We have a variety of cakes to choose from- best theme cakes, Picture printed cakes, Wedding tire cakes, Tower cakes, creative cake designs, Eggless, vegan based or Egg based anything can be done. Our cakes are rich flavored and tastes fantastic, it will melt in your taste buds and make you to forget the surroundings.

Return Gifts

To show your gratitude to the guest for their precious time and blessing to the newly wedded couples a gift could be a token of thanks and we can arrange it in accordance to your choice & budget. We can provide customized gifts, artistic gifts, traditional gifts, nature-based gifts like plants, seeds and pots.

Honeymoon trips

After a wonderful marriage that could have drained your energy sure you need a break and what best then a wonderful honeymoon get away to enjoy your romantic moments in midst of nature far from home. We have the best out–of-box honeymoon planners to make it the most memorable and unforgettable one of your life.

Destination you can never say no and budget sure we can make it up the best the first honeymoon sure you could open up your heart and wallet to make it special for both.

Other services


The glamour of a wedding hall is always in-complete without the most stunning, appealing, gorgeous looking well groomed professional team of girls to serve you elite guest with utmost care. We have an in-house well trained and experienced team of caring and appealing ushers to mark up your event.

Security Services

It is good to have some experienced and healthy bouncers in an around the wedding venue for the security and safety of the entire guest and to handle any uneasy situations without creating much fuss.

Valet Parking

Free your guest from the trouble of parking their chariot, hire professional drivers to handle the parking stress & fuss for your guest to relax and enjoy the show.

House Keeping

Cleanliness is godly ness but then big gathering you cannot stop the dirty mess. Leave it to us for the best housekeeping facilities to keep you event mess free.

Fun Activities

Marriages are an open gate for all kids they need no special invitation as they are special as kids and you need to keep them engaged with fun activities we have a wide variety to spoil them and make their day on your wedding more fun and enjoyable with fun events like, Water Falls, Jumping Castles, Magic Shows, Tattoo & Face Paint, Nail Art & Mehendi, 3D - Dance Floor, etc. We make sure you guests’ naughty and smart kids are well occupied in their fun world.